KEDA Bowling Top 5 of 2017


Jason Belmonte became the first bowler to win three PBA Majors in one year and is with 9 majors in total only one major away from the all-time record. But not just his skills on the lane make him special. His new mobile game, his social media approach, his contribution to the sport and his unlimited enthousiasm to improve the sport make Jason Belmonte arguably the greatest bowler in history.

#2 European trick shot masters

The first competitive trick shot competion in Europe with four of the best players. Thomas Larsen, Chris Sloan, Richie Teece and Mik Stampe gave the audience together with play by play caller Peter Snijders a great show and a great competition to watch. Watch the highlights below.

#3 richie teece becomes the shark champion

Richie Teece, spokesperson of the Scheveningen Dutch Open, won during the WSOB in Reno his first PBA title in the PBA Shark Championship. Players like Richie add something extra to the sport. We hope he will win many more in the near future.

#4 sofia international open

There are some tournaments that have something special. The tournament in Sofia, organized for the eight time by Elvira Baharova and her crew, is a tournament that becomes stronger, better and bigger. This year with a stunning total of 1200+ entries. The tournament is fun, well organized, strong communications and is an example for many new tournaments.

#5 Involvement of Bowltech in the sport

Bowltech is great company for the sport of bowling. They don't just sell their goods, but it's their goal to support the sport of bowling in each level. Small events, big events, new initiatives. Just like many years before they also supported many in 2017. That deserves some credit.