In all divisions bowlers who are still 21 at 01.09.2018 are allowed to participate. In all divisions girls and boys bowl mixed.

Division Average
A 180 and above
B 160-179,99
C 140-159,99
D Up to 139,99



All squads consist of two games scratch. Every bowler has to bowl at least two squads. In case of re-entries, the two highest squads count for the ranking. Re-entries are an unlimited amount of times possible.

No bonus based on average or gender will be awarded, because all bowlers already are divided into categories based on their level of play so no bonusses are needed. 



Bowlers bowl two games at a pair of lanes before moving a certain number of lanes to the right or left (depending on the number of participants per squad).


All squads booked prior to the tournament have to paid at the start of the first squad. Booking additional entries can always be done.

how to qualify for the final steps

In each division 20 bowlers qualify for the final steps. Bowlers can qualify in three different methods:


  • Top 16 of the Qualifying Ranking after all squads; ranked 1-16 for the finals
  • Top 2 of the Turbo High Game Ranking who haven't qualified directly via the Regular Ranking ; ranked 17-18 for the finals
  • Top 2 of the Elimination Roll-off after the final squad; ranked 19-20 for the finals

Bowlers ranked 1-4 in each division will qualify directly for Final Step 2.


Final step 1

The format is the same for all divisions in each final step. All bowlers ranked 5-20 will bowl 3 games from scratch. The top 4 bowlers will qualify for the knock-out stage (Final Step 2). The eliminated bowlers will be ranked 9-20 based on their score in Final Step 1.

final step 2

The survivors of Final Step 1 and bowlers ranked 1-4 will bowl in 4 two game total pinfall matches. The survivors of FS 1 will be paired with one of the bowlers ranked 1-4 by an open draw. The 4 winners of the mathes qualify for the final step 3. The 4 losers of the matches will be ranked 5-8 based on their score in Final Step 1. 

Final step 3

The winners of Final Step 2 will bowl in 2 one game matches. The 2 winners of the matches will qualify for the Grand Final. The 2 losers of the matches will be ranked 3-4 according to their scores in Final Step 1. 

Grand Final

The winners of Final Step 3 will bowl in a one game match for the title in their division. The winner of the match will be ranked 1. The loser of the match will be ranked 2.

in case of a tie

In Final Step 1 a tie will be broken by the postions in the Regular Ranking after Qualifying. In the knock-out matches a one ball roll-off will be used to break the tie.

KEDA Bowling title

The four winners will receive an offcial KEDA Bowling Title and will be added to the Hall of Fame.

other activities

During the final weekend other activities will be organized so no one has to be bored during the day!